What is Table Game 777color? Top 10 best 777color Table Games

Have you ever heard of Table Game 777color and thought they were a computer game genre? But in reality, Table Games are a type of tabletop game. What’s special about Table Games is that players sit close to each other and interact directly, providing high enjoyment and entertainment. The following article will help you discover everything about Table Game 777Color.

What is Table Game?

Table Game is known as a type of game where multiple people participate and interact with each other on a game board. This type of game often requires the use of toys such as dice, cards, chess pieces, etc. What’s special about Table Games is that they require players to have skills in prediction, strategy, situation analysis, and a bit of luck to win. Each game will have different ending times, with some lasting only a few minutes to others lasting for hours with intense challenges.

Similar to other types of games, Table Game 777Color helps players train their brains, enhance creativity, logic, and prediction abilities. Additionally, some Table Game 777Color also helps players develop teamwork and leadership skills in both life and work.

Currently, Table Game 777Color is not very popular in Vietnam. However, we can be familiar with some well-known games like chess, Chinese chess, UNO cards, Werewolf, Monopoly, etc.

What is Table Game 777color
What is Table Game 777color

Top 10 best and most popular table game 777Color you might not know

After understanding what Table Game 777Color is, you may be wondering which games are suitable to start with. Don’t worry, below is a list of the top 10 best and most popular Table Game 777Color today for you to experience right away!

1. Monopoly

Monopoly is an unforgettable game in the world of Table Game 777Color. This game was created from “The Landlord’s Game” by Lizzie Magie in the United States in 1903. The modern version of the game includes chance cards like buying houses, hotels, adding more excitement and tension. The player who owns three different sets of land colors will be the winner.

2. Werewolf

“Werewolf” is an interesting and tense card game, famous as “Werewolf” in English. This game was created by the Frenchmen Philippe des Pallières and Hervé Marly and has become a popular game not only in France but also worldwide, including Vietnam.

The Werewolf game is usually played in a group of people, typically from 6 people and can be expanded to a larger number. The goal of the game is to identify fake players (Werewolves) among the villagers, or conversely, the Werewolf players try to eliminate all the villagers without being discovered.

3. UNO

UNO is an exciting and popular Table Game 777Color card game worldwide. This game is often called “Út Út” in Vietnamese. UNO is a multiplayer game, suitable for all ages and can be played by 2 or more players.

UNO is fun because of the diversity of cards and the strategic ability to choose cards to play. It creates funny and tense situations during play, and players have to be creative to win. UNO is an excellent entertainment game for friends and family and can be played anywhere when you want to relax and connect with loved ones.

Top 10 best and most popular table game 777Color you might not know
Top 10 best and most popular table game 777Color you might not know

4. Bang

Bang is a famous Table Game 777Color card game, inspired by the wild west world. This game was designed by Emiliano Sciarra and has become a popular game worldwide. The name “Bang!” reflects the tension and shooting in conflicts in the wild west world.

5. Dixit

The game Dixit requires players to tell stories and provide captions for cards for others to guess.

Dixit stands out with creativity and visual thinking. It encourages players to think creatively and find ways to convey ideas through stories and images. This game creates a space for imagination and is fun as people try to understand and create stories from abstract images. Dixit is an excellent entertainment game for connecting and relaxing with family and friends.


6. Once upon a time

Once upon a time is based on the content of an American fairy tale TV series and has been localized in Vietnamese.

7. Catan

Table Game 777Color Catan recreates a real market and hones trading skills for players.

8. The Mind

The Mind is a Table Game 777Color card game that requires coordination between players without using words to communicate.

9. Cashflow

Cashflow is a game based on the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and trains financial thinking. Cashflow helps players understand the basic principles of finance, such as income and expenses, investments, and debt management. It encourages financial thinking and investment strategy. This game provides an opportunity for players to experiment and learn about finance without facing real risks. Cashflow is a valuable and fun teaching tool about personal finance.


10. Resistance

Resistance creates tense and exciting situations because players must use analysis and tactics to deceive or discover enemies. The game encourages situational analysis and the ability to read the body language and attitudes of other players. Resistance is a fun game to challenge your thinking and team up to achieve team goals.


This article has helped you understand Table Games and provided a list of the top 10 best Table Game 777Color for you to experience with friends and family. Enjoy the fun and relaxation with the world of games at 777Color!